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CPR Graphics

Reviving brands one at a time

Digital Graphic Creation and Consultation‚Äč

Reviving brands one at a time


Welcome To CPR Graphics

The designers at CPR Graphics have over 5 years of experience in graphic design. We aim to provide the best service at very affordable rates. CPR Graphics also enjoys creating designs for Police, Fire, and EMS organizations. 

Our Services

Graphic Design

Logos, Flyers, Advertisements, and Photo restoration/adjustments are some of the options available for purchase. Every Design is custom made to fit YOUR requirements.

Video Creation

Videos are created on demand and can include any song and video provided. These videos can range in length and style.

Graphic Design Training

Unlike most companies, CPR Graphics will instruct classes on how to do graphic design. We believe that every person should have the ability to learn graphic design techniques. As the quote says "teach a man to fish..."


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